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To the Wonder

As you sit back with your glass of wine, and select cuisine, listening to the live jazz fill your ears, you will see art from artists from around the world thus all walks of life. Letting your mind get lost in brush strokes as you move in a vortex of creativity, that could potentially be added to your home environment. 

Featured Artists

Dustin Vermillion

Dustin Vermillion is a lawyer consultant from Spokane, Idaho currently residing in Sandy, Utah with his wife, and six kids. After time dealing with chronic pain Dustin taught himself how to paint to help pass the days.

Dallen Lambson

Dallen Lambson, a second generation artist, has been fully immersed in the world of artistry throughout his life. Honored as Artist of the Year by both the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Mule Deer Foundation, many have come to appreciate Dallen's keen eye and steady hand. Drawing inspiration from God's canvas in the picturesque setting of Southeast Idaho, Dallen attributes his love of the outdoors to a rich family history spent outdoors hiking, fishing, and hunting.

Chris Madsen

I see the world in darkened tones and mysterious colors. As a published and gallery-displayed artist, I travel across the United States participating in some of our nation's most exciting art festivals. My vision is to create art that celebrates the dark, emotional side of the feminine.

My love affair with visual imagery took seed while I was working as a graphic designer. I began exploring the attributes that make an image meaningful to the viewer. What went into creating the work that pulled at my heartstrings? I describe my work as emotionally cinematic; shooting mostly strong, impassioned pieces that are a bit dark or macabre but still feminine and beautiful. I present the emotion behind the piece and allow the viewer to imagine a story. My art is more than what I do- its how I feel, its who I am.

I use a mixture of digital, film, and vintage process like cyanotype and platinum printing along with hand tinting in my creations. I am constantly striving to evolve my art to evoke my feelings into an image that matches the vision in my head. Art is ever evolving and beautifully challenging.

Makenna Cogan

“Hello! My name is Makenna. I am an artist, mother and wife. I have been an artist for as long as I could remember. I started sketching as a child, moved into painting as a teen and now I'm in love with fluid abstract art and resin. My hands are always creating; wether it be sketching, painting, using resin, knitting or making jewelry.”
-Makenna Cogan

Scott Tuckfield

Scott is an artist and musician based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Through his work, he strives to document and inspire evolution in human consciousness towards a state of more love, self-awareness, connection, unity, and understanding. In Scott's words "This is sometimes a blissful, and beautiful process, and sometimes a tumultuous and difficult one". "By creating the things that I do, I hope to lead viewers into a remembrance of their higher Self, as well as challenge them to examine their own thoughts and beliefs about what's really going on in the crazy reality of ours".


TJ Eisenhart

TJ Eisenhart is a world class cyclist from St. George, Utah. Born and raised in Lehi, Utah, he received his first road bike at age 11 and began competing in local races. He competed in his first USA National Championship at age 12, brought home a silver medal in the Time Trial. He began racing in Europe for the USA National Team at the age of 16. At age 18 he signed his first professional contract with BMC Devo Team where he raced extensively all over Europe. During this time he won the USA championship and represented the USA TT National Championship, represented the USA in two world championships. 2020 will bring a new experience as he will be racing with Imaginative Collective.

But before TJ ever started riding a bike he began his love for art. He began taking art lessons when he was 8 years old and had his major art sale when he was 11. He has journeyed through various mediums and loves experimenting in colors and style. His art is ever changing, expressing his love of life and personality. TJ's art is collected in private collections around the world.

Kenzie Miller

“I’ve always had a passion for art, because when I look at paintings I am able to see the way that that artist saw the world. The paintings of the past create a way for people of this time to understand the things that happened in history. It’s a way of showing who they are, what they’ve been through, or what they’re going through, and maybe even where they want to go in life.

With my paintings, my goal is to make people feel something whatever that may be. Some of them offer a sense of magic, because there can be magic in the landscapes you discover. They may have been discovered by other people but the new places you travel to were not yet discovered by you. Other paintings have more of a surrealistic sense to them, as they’re places you could only dream of going. Though, dreams are what makes the world go ‘round, and they push people to do the things they need to do to live the life they want. Don’t let the reality of the day-to-day life break down your dreams, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.

I mostly paint landscapes in order to show the beauty outside of day-to-day life, and the adventures that one would be able to go on. I also mostly paint sunsets because to me that is when the sky really comes alive. The clouds become their own work of art, all of the colors that don’t usually belong transport you to a place of wonder and complete amazement.”

Tiffany Brazell

“Tiffany Brazell is an author and artist. She earned her Bachelors of Arts in Painting and Drawing from the University of Utah, where she specialized in Asian Art.
In her exploration of the art world, Brazell fell in love with the works of Hokusai and Murakami, as well as Picasso and other artists of the expressionist movement. These artists influenced the development of Brazell’s unique style.
Brazell has always been a creative and has been featured in art shows for over 15 years. One of her first awards was a submission to the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games. She is driven to interpret the connection she feels to the colorful world around her through a variety of artistic media. Her diverse body of work includes drawing, painting, pottery, sculpture, writing, and music
As an artist-writer, Brazell is particularly concerned with narrative. Narratives are central to the human existence. We search for them in everything, in an attempt to organize and make sense of our reality— particularly in the faces and forms of other living beings. Brazell’s fans love the way she draws attention to the beauty, intelligence, and personality of each subject, whether human or animal, though her use of scale and vivid color. Fans also note the way Brazell’s lifelong fascination with animal behaviors and interactions with humankind shines through her originality and technical skill.
Brazell is based in Salt Lake City. She enjoys caring for and training animals, including her Dalmatian, Russian tortoise, tiger salamander, hermit crabs, and a multitude of fish. When she is out and about, she most loves to SCUBA dive.”